Basic Gradient Shaders

Custom gradient shaders
Looking to spice up your game with gradients, but don't want to spend the time creating sprites? Basic gradient shaders covers all your linear 2-colour gradient needs!

Since the gradients are (unlit) shader based they will work on any component that takes a texture like Image, Raw Image and Mesh Renderer. No more need to import multiple sprites or add extra components to your GameObjects.

Included types
• Standard linear
• Reflected
• Diamond
• Angular
• Radial

The gradients are customizable to fit your needs. The shaders allow you to change the blend, size, rotation and position as well as supporting transparency through alpha.

Works outside canvasses
Due to the shader based approach the gradients can also be applied to Mesh Renderers such as on quads, planes, spheres and other 3d objects (Note that the gradient is applied per face on 3d objects)

Pipeline support
The asset works on the standard, Light weight, and High Definition render pipeline. As as on desktop and mobile devices.

Supported versions
• 2019.2
• 2019.1
• 2018.4 (LTS)
• 2017.4 (LTS)
• 5.6.7

Asset store link coming soon.

Note: Some example scenes may have "missing component `Image`" on older versions of Unity. But the shaders/materials will work if you add the missing image component!